Thursday, February 23, 2012


I recently (as in, yesterday) started the 100 Baby Challenge for Sims 2, and decided to also try it for Sims 3! This one may not be updated as often, as Sims 3 takes a bigger toll on my computer, but I'll try to update this and my Sims 2 blog as often as possible!

For the challenge, I'm going to use my own set of rules, because everyone seems to have different ones. The basic rules, of course, are the same.

  • I will be making a (Young) Adult female Sim in CAS, with no other Sims or pets, and get her to have 100 babies, each with different fathers. 
  • Fathers cannot move in or marry the mother until the challenge is complete.
  • The mother cannot have a job, because there'd be too much maternity leave anyway. Income must come from some other source.
I think that's all for the necessary rules. Here are the ones I'm adding:

  • No cheats, aside from freerealestate to get a home, or a maxmotives (thanks to AwesomeMod) if anyone in the family is about to die.
  • All children must go to school, but boarding school is not allowed (since they raise the kids for you).
  • Toddlers must learn all their skills and children and teens must have A's in school before aging.
  • Extra help (maid, gardener, babysitter, etc.) may be hired, as long as there's enough money.
  • Teens may have part-time jobs, but, even after aging, cannot get full-time jobs until they move out.
  • Traits may not be chosen for the children. They have to be randomized.
  • Apples and watermelons may not be used to change the baby's gender.
  • I will be using the fertility treatment.
  • I won't be aging the children up early.
  • I'll be using a custom lifespan, but it's set to long (I'm too impatient for epic, but normal is too short! lol)
  • Professions are allowed, so long as they're in-home professions, so the babies can still be taken care of and money can be earned.